In Texas, we have five Areas: Central, East, North, South & West. Each of these five Texas Areas has its own Leader Agreement and Area Agreement. The Leader Agreement is a Leader’s commitment to their Area and describe Leader responsibilities. The Area Agreement is the Area’s commitment to the Area Network and describes how the Area functions. The Leader and Area Agreements describe how Leaders connect to one another to form the Area. Together, the five Texas Areas have agreed to form and an Area Network (AN) called the Texas Area Network (TXAN). TXAN also has an Agreement known as the TXAN Agreement describes how TXAN works and connects with other Area Networks. 

Any Leader with questions about or suggested revisions for Leader, Area or Area Network Agreements should bring these up with their Area Contact for discussion. The Area Contact will bring any Area comments to the TXAN Council. In addition, the TXAN Agreements Coordinator is available to discuss any agreement with Leaders and will bring any comments raised in such discussions to the TXAN Council and to the Area, for Area Agreements or Leader Agreements.