The Professional Liaison Department provides Leaders with additional help when a parent needs information about a medical-related breastfeeding situation or has a breastfeeding problem outside the scope of the Leader’s knowledge.  Like all LLL Leaders, the Professional Liaison (PL) does not give medical advice.  PL uses references as well as experience to aid the Leader in providing help.  The PL can also provide information on some legal situations related to breastfeeding.

This team is currently headed by Greater Dallas Leader, Meridith Lohse. She is an IBCLC in private practice and self-proclaimed “breastfeeding nerd.” Her passion is providing evidence-based research and hands on help to new families, as well as educating support people about the importance of their roll in the breastfeeding family. She can be reached by email at When you email her, please include your name, location, best means to communicate (phone or email, no text) and a brief summary of the issue. In addition to Meridith directly supporting Leaders, she is also actively assembling members of the Professional Liaison Advisory Committee. If you are a professional in the healthcare, legal, education, or human resources field, or if you know of a community professional who embodies the LLL concepts and supports breastfeeding and are interested in joining our team, please email Meridith. The committee is open to both Leaders and community supporters. Meridith would love to have you as a resource for the breastfeeding families of Texas.

TXAN Professional Liaison Team

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Area Network Professional Liaison – Meridith Lohse

  • The ANPL serves as a liaison for LLL Leaders to help answer technical breastfeeding questions and some legal questions related to breastfeeding.